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Guide to 3D Ultrasound Images and Their Advantages When getting a picture of fetuses in the womb, the latest technology of 3 and 4D ultrasound images gives a much clearer one than has ever been possible before. These 3D ultrasound pictures are much more life-like, which is really great for parents. While parents feel great from being able to see how their baby looks like in a clear manner, for doctors the advantage is even greater in that it helps them understand further the development and behavior of the fetus in the womb and many have found really fascinating fetus behavior in the early stages of pregnancy. Signs of movement can already be seen at around 8 weeks. By 12 weeks they can actually see the fetus yawning and moving their fingers. These images are so clear that they can even reveal facial expressions. At the age of 20 weeks, the unborn baby can smile. When the baby reaches 24 weeks, doctors have observed some unborn babies sucking their thumb or sticking out their tongues. It is simply amazing to be able to see the goings on inside a mother’s womb before the baby gets born. And because of 3D ultrasound images, this is all possible to see. It is difficult to make out the different parts of the baby when parents are given the traditional 2D image from an ultrasound scan. Parents had a difficulty understanding the images and so doctors are repeatedly asked where the parts are. But with 3D ultrasound images, the baby looks like a baby. It is much easier to identify the different features and can start the bonding process between the parents and the child. Most parents usually wonder what the baby’s face will look like. The baby will already have a human looking face on its fifth month, complete with eyelashes and eyebrows, and it will start to open its eyes on the seventh month. At this time, the 3D ultrasound image will provide the clearest image of the baby’s face. If you take a 3D ultrasound image at the seventh month, your baby’s features will be clearly shown.
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With 2D ultrasound images, you need to drink lots of water and have a full bladder for the best results, but not for 3D ultrasound. However, if you want the best 3D ultrasound images, you need to drink lots of water in the 1 or 2 weeks prior to your appointment since this will ensure that there is plenty of clear amniotic fluid.
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In the internet, you can view many 3D ultrasound images. You will find it difficult to believe in many cases that the baby is actually still in the womb. You will see many lifelike images which different expressions and you will begin to understand the feelings of parents-o-be seeing their babies before they are even born.

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